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Well, I'm relieved to have a costuming contingency plan in place for Dragon*Con this year. It's a load off my mind. We will, of course, still try to make our original (rather ambitious) costumes a reality. ^_^ The backup plan is Star Trek TOS uniforms, which should be relatively simple and easy to pull off at short notice if we can't quite pull off our original plan.

I'm excited about a couple of the newly added guests: Tom Felton and Michael Trucco, to be specific. ^_^

Only 97 days left!
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I just found out that has all three seasons of Star Trek TOS. It's been so long since I watched them all! I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next few weeks. ^_^

Bonus: It's an additional dose of geekery to get me through until Dragon*Con rolls around. Leonard Nimoy!
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I have never been happier to find a random wireless signal than I was this Saturday in a fabric store in Fayetteville, TN. Next time I’ll try to remember to bring reference pictures for the costume we’re working on.

This is our first foray into making costumes completely from the floor up. Up until now it’s been found item modding, and suddenly we’re taking on pattern modification and latex molding in the same costume group. 0_0 If we pull it off, though… if we pull it off…

Well, let’s just say I’ve never seen it done before.


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